Business Leverages on Strategic Information Systems In Nigeria

Ahaiwe Josiah


The dynamic growth of information technology (IT) in recent years has put Managers on their toes. Managers have come to recognize the alignment of business and information technology strategy as a key issue for their success. The purpose of this work is to build a framework on how Nigerian business organizations can build IT architecture in line with their business vision so as to be relevant in international market. It recognizes how organizations can take advantage of IT to bring considerable benefits and maximize profits for stakeholders.

In this work, an attempt is made to design a frame work for deploying IT architecture for business systems with a scope on organizations in Nigeria. The system consists of the organization’s intranet, linked to the internet on which the organization’s customer, suppliers and the branches can share resources and develop mutual relationship for business growth.

Keywords: Information strategy, Strategic information systems, business processes, Competitive strategy, Organizations, Business strategy, system architecture.

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