Techniques used by Secondary School Teachers in Managing Classroom Disruptive Behaviour of Secondary School Students in District Karak (Pakistan)

Qaiser Suleman, Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain, Zaitoon Akhtar


Effective classroom management is playing a vital role in strengthening instructional process and makes it more productive, effective and successful. Without effective classroom management, teaching learning process has no fruitful results. Classroom disruptive behaviour of students is one of the important issues in field of education that affects the teaching learning process negatively. The purpose of the study was to explore the techniques used by secondary school teachers in managing classroom disruptive behaviours. All the secondary school teachers and students in District Karak constituted the population of the study. Only 135 secondary school teachers and 920 students (at the rate of 75% and 15% respectively) were selected as sample through simple random sampling technique. As the study was descriptive in nature therefore questionnaire was used as research instrument. Data was collected through personals visits. Percentage and chi square were used as statistical tools for the analysis of the data. After analysis of the data, the researchers arrived at the results that the overall performance of the secondary school teachers in managing classroom disruptive behaviour is satisfactory as they use constructive and appropriate techniques to control the classroom disruptive behaviour. However, the negative area of the secondary school teachers in managing classroom disruptive behaviour is that they do not devise any rules and regulations of classroom management at the opening day of the class. Parents are not informed through letters about the disruptive behaviour of their children. Therefore it is strongly recommended that at opening day of the class, classroom management norms, rules and regulations should be formulated and announced so that students may understand the conduct of a teacher. A special training programme regarding management of classroom disruptive behaviour should be launched to equip the existing teachers with modern techniques to control and manage classroom disruptive behavior properly.


KEYWORDS: Techniques, Secondary School Teachers, Classroom Disruptive Behavior, Secondary School Students

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