Finding Solutions to Challenges Facing Adult Education in Nigeria

Adedokun Mary Olufunke, Adeyemo, Comfort Wuraola


Education in any nation and to individuals within it is very important because education remains a valuable tool for fighting ignorance, disease, squalor and poverty. It is a means to raising enlightened citizenry who will help in bringing about a prosperous nation. Adult education is therefore not to be neglected as it had been in the past as its focus is to get adult (who had never been to school before or those who could not further their education because of one challenge or the other) to learn and through learning, change their attitudes and behaviours with the hope that this process of change will affect not only individuals positively but also the nation. It is in this light of the importance of adult education, that this paper gives on overview of the various challenges facing adult education and to seek solutions to such. Such challenges include long years of neglect by the government, perception of people about adult education, teaching methods and facilitators, funding and the problems facing adult learners themselves. The list cannot be exhausted.

Making frantic efforts to provide well equipped adult education centres, well trained facilitators, funding the programmes of adult education adequately and adult learner’s willingness to participate in programmes that would develop them and the communities in which they live will definitely bring progress to adult education.


Keywords: Education, development, self-reliance, change, participate.

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