Evaluating the Business Intelligence and proposition of a Comprehensive model (the case of Nir Pars Company)

Davood Ghiyasvand, Hadi Teimouri


In the process of increasing development of different technology and tools in businesses, it seems that one of the most important success factors in businesses is decision-making and selection of best information in shortest time with highest confidence. Business Intelligence is a new approach, which provides quick access to data and analysis on demand.

The purpose of this article is to explore the level of business intelligence and propose a comprehensive model for Nir Pars Company. This is an applied, descriptive-correlation research, conducted by survey methodology. A collection of 400 experts and managers of different organizational levels of Nir Company were selected as the statistical population of the study and a batch of 225 persons were chosen by simple random sampling. Library method was used for Data gathering to form the theoretical foundations of the research, and we used our own questionnaire to confirm or refute the research hypotheses; which has the required reliability and validity (Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 0.980). To explore the relationships between the elements of the Model, factor analysis and structural equation modeling techniques were used. According to achieved results, the business intelligence exceeds 0.69(for all parameters of the model).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v3i4.4273


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