Determining the Role Of English Language Competence in Influencing the Public Speaking Anxiety of International Post Graduate Students at the University of Utara, Malaysia

Ahmed Aiyad Gaibani


This study investigates the roles of English language competence in influencing public speaking anxiety among the post graduate students of intensive English language program of the University Utara, Malaysia. A questionnaire survey was administered to a sample of 108 post graduate students of the intensive English language program to indicate their personal responses. Technique of correlation was further applied to the data collected to determine the relationship between English language competence and public speaking anxiety; however, the result revealed that English language competence has a significant negative effect on public speaking anxiety. Therefore, it is recommends that to overcome or lessen the anxiety faced by the students, the students need to identify their feelings about their speaking anxiety associated with English language, and on the path of lectures, students should be advised to engage in speaking practice out loud either lonely or with other colleagues as this has the tendency of increasing their efficiency level of speaking English language.

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