Determining the Factors Affecting the Intention of Using (GNIS) among the Libyan Government Officers

Habibah Hj. Lateh, Abouzed Salah Berrim


Developments in technology and communication offer new options to realize fast and cost effective field data management. Technology has also recognized to be a decisive tool for advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of government performance. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) have been recognized as effective tools to solve the challenges that faced by the government. This study was designed to investigate the factors affecting the intention of using (GNIS) among the Libyan government officers. Emphasis was put on trying to investigate the intention towards the use of the (GNIS) by the Libyan government officers and determining the factors that affect such use of technology. The study employed the use of correlation and descriptive design to establish the nature of such relationship. The validity and reliability of research instruments was established and data was collected from 215 respondents. The findings revealed that (GNIS) trainings, education and perceived ease of use are negatively correlated with the intention of using (GNIS) among the government officers in Libya followed by attitude towards (GNIS). On the basis of the conclusions made, the study has confirmed that (GNIS) is an important tool in upgrading the working prestige among government officers within the country of Libya.

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