Human Capital and New Product Development Performance Efficiency- The Mediating Role of Organizational Learning Capability

Mohammad Hossein Khasmafkan Nezam, Ali Attafar, Ali Nasr Isfahani, Arsh Shahin


Intellectual framework of today's organizations is full of pointing out of the information and participation of expert and innovative workforce instead of operational workforce. In this space, improving performance and sustaining competitive advantage are fundamental concerns for managers. Innovation and organizational learning are the best important bases for improving performance and obtaining competitive advantage. Therefore, this research wants to investigate and model the relationship between human capital (HC) and new product development performance (NPDP) efficiency with regard to the mediating role of organizational learning capability (OLC). Automobile industry in Iran is elected as statistical society. In this study, results are obtained by structural equations and path model. Also for better description of results, we use other deducible statistic such as binamial test and one-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test. The results of this study bode that human capital can improve NPDP efficiency by organizational learning capability. Also the provided model in this research is supported by data.


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