Overcoming Staff Turnover in the Hospitality Industry using Mobley's Model

Ahmad Rasmi AlBattat, Ahmad Puad Mat Som, Abdullah Saleh Helalat


The turnover crisis has been one of the major problems in the hospitality industry. Regardless of the considerable amount of studies on employee turnover, it is still ambiguous and requires further investigation because of its dependency on human resource in the hospitality industry as part of a service product. This paper provides a theoretical overview of Mobley’s model on employees’ retention or turnover. The primary purpose of this study is to explain that the applications of the Mobley model can either determine job dissatisfaction leading to job turnover or job satisfaction leading to job retention. This application is an attempt to reduce the effects of such a crisis in local hospitality industry; and findings from literature review indicate that deprived working conditions will lead to dissatisfied employees and they eventually quit employment. The practical implications of Mobley’s model guide various organizations in the industry to mitigate the effects of employee turnover and increase employee retention.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v3i6.4844


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