Development of a User Preference-Based Educational Game

Jun Karren Vega Caparoso, Myrna Encabo Lahoylahoy, Joy Rugay Magsayo, Ernesto Enaguas Empig


The purpose of this research is to develop an educational game based on target users’ game element preferences and profile. The developed game was examined by IT practitioners and in-service science teachers through heuristic evaluation. Based on the evaluators’ suggestions, the game was revised and implemented to its target users.

Heuristic evaluation of the “Journey to Mars” game revealed that it is usable, error-free, fun, immersive and educational. The educational value of the game is appreciated by the target as evidenced by the majority’s comment that 21st century skills were exercised while playing and concepts on “Planets” were learned while having fun. Further, a very slight positive relationship exists between the number of preferences integrated in the game and the game’s perceived educational value.

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