Analysis of Observation Lesson based on Oral-Communication Skills

Samra Samrita Bujak, Azamat Akbarov


As the education system increasingly focuses on teachers and teaching, educators, policy-makers, and researchers need valid and reliable measures that can be used to evaluate individual teachers, provide guidance for improving teaching performance, and support research in ways that advance instruction and classroom dialog and practice. A new generation of classroom evaluation tools has recently been developed to support evaluation of teaching. Live observations tend to be the standard for studies of teaching and teacher evaluations in practice. They have the benefit of the observer being in the teacher`s physical classroom. This is valuable for teacher evaluations because it gives observation scores credibility among teachers. My observation was focused on oral-communication skills and oral-communication assessment. So I observed a professor at International Burch university while having oral-communication class with the upper-intermediate level students, and took some notes.  Two hours of observation. It was focused observation method; lesson was particularly focused on speaking skills and oral-communication assessment.

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