The Primary Trait Scoring Method for Classroom-Based Assessment of Students’ Direct Writing

Normah binti Othman


The function of the classroom-based assessment in Malaysian secondary schools is to give some insights into the progress of students’ learning and achievement while still in school, whereas the national-based examinations is to give final grades that determine the students’ future studies in higher institutions of learning. There should be a balance between classroom assessment and standardised assessment so that students achieve both learning goals. It is also essential for classroom-based assessments to develop diagnostic information to be adjusted to students’ specific needs. ESL teachers should use specific scoring methods to assess their students’ writing for the classroom-based assessment. In this research an ESL teacher conducted three lessons to teach her students to write guided writing, summary writing and continuous writing.  Then she assessed the students’ writing by using the primary trait scoring method. Her written feedback was analysed. She was observed while giving feedback lessons to her students. The result shows that she was able to make use of her assessment as a basis to teach during her feedback lessons. It was also found that she provided corrective feedback to her students' writing.


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