Determinants of Job Satisfaction and its impact on Employee performance and turnover intentions

Masooma Javed, Rifat Balouch, Fatima Hassan


Job satisfaction - or lack of it - hinges on a productive, accomplishing relationship between staff and management; indeed, the success of any organization depends on staff members who enjoy their jobs and feel rewarded by their efforts. Ultimately, of all the people in the marketplace may suffer the most when this vital success factor is lacking. In earlier ages, many researchers have been directed on job satisfaction but this still remains an issue for many organizations. The ambition of this research paper is to examine the satisfaction level of the employees and helps organizations to know about the elements that influence job satisfaction. Precisely, we acquired employee empowerment and workplace environment as the antecedents to understand their effect on job satisfaction, and further the impact of job satisfaction on job loyalty, job performance and turnover intention. A self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection from several organizations. Convenient sampling technique was used and 200 questionnaires were circulated out of which 150 were nominated for further analysis. SPSS is used for data analysis statistically. The results showed significant positive association of employee empowerment, workplace environment, job loyalty and job performance with job satisfaction. Furthermore, there is a significant negative relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention. The findings also demonstrate that there is no significant relation of turnover intention with employee empowerment and job performance.

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