An empirical study on Antecedents and Consequences of job stress in different organizations of Bahawalpur

Aqurat-ul- Ain, Saeed Iqbal, Um-e- Aiman, Shakiba Khawar, Muhammad Rizwan


One of the largest threats that modern technological world facing now days is job stress. It’s the foundation reason behind several issues, negatively touching associate degree staff operating in multiple ways in which, that all gather to make major problems. Folks stepping out of their homes daily to earn area unit all on job and no matter hurdles they face in their work produce stress in their jobs. The fundamental purpose of this analysis is to work out what job stress is, however it arises during an operating surroundings and what area unit its outcomes.
This study not solely indicate the key causes of job stress i.e. role conflict and role ambiguity however additionally analyze the consequence of job stress, move negative impacts on associate degree employee’s job satisfaction, organization commitment, organization communication, job performance and result in accrued turnover intentions. The findings of this analysis are utilized to boost operating conditions associate degreed avoid all such factors that will result in job stress and ultimately reduced quality and performance of a worker.

Some public and private organizations situated within BWP city were selected and a survey was conducted to determine how employees feel at work in different situations. A questionnaire was asked to be filled.  Participation of every person was voluntary. A total of 200 questionnaires were distributed, and 150 were selected as appropriate, giving a total of 75% feedback. Remaining questionnaires were rejected as they were not filled correctly. Data collected through questionnaire was summed up and analyzed through SPSS, by applying suitable methodologies.

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