Antecedents of Job Stress and its impact on Job Performance and Job Satisfaction

Muhammad Rizwan, Arooba Waseem, Syeda Anam Bukhari


To achieve the pleasures of successful work place is an art of coping with stress. Job stress is a very important issue in this new era. So, this research is emphasized the root causes of job stress like role conflict role ambiguityand identifies its effects on job satisfaction and job performance. From several organizations, a self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection.200 questionnaires were distributed out of which 150 were chosen for more study and suitable sampling method was used for this.SPSSis used for data analysis statistically. The results showed significant positive association of job stress with role conflict, role ambiguity and negative association with job satisfaction. In addition, role ambiguity has a significant positive relation with role conflict. The results also show that there is no significant relation of job stress with job performance. In addition, role ambiguity has significant negative relationship with job satisfaction and the last one role conflict has no significance relation with job satisfaction. For better understanding of behavior and comfort of the employees, the results of the study can be helpful. For future recommendations, this research suggests the guidelinesmore concisely and briefly.

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