Investigating the Causes of Job Stress: A Study on Banking Sector of Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Ali Raza, Muhammad Abdul Mateen, Faisal Tehseen, Muhammad Shahaid Farooq, Amjad Javed, Sharjeel Javed


The goal of this research is to uncover the roots and outcomes of job stress on the employees performance in banking sector Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Job stress has a vital importance and has become a key challenge for the organizations because of its strapping impact on the performance of an individual as well as of the organization. The purpose of this study is to search out relationship of job stress which is our depended variable with independent variables such as role conflict, role ambiguity, work overload, work family conflict. Our research is descriptive in nature and we use questionnaire method for collection of data. The data was collected from 150 employees of the banks. So our study reveals that job stress has a significant positive relationship with the independent variables, role conflict, work overload and work family conflict and has no relationship with role ambiguity.

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