Exploring Stress Factors among College Teachers of Pakistan

Hassan Danial Aslam


The purpose of this paper is to explore level of professional stress in college teachers and ways of minimizing stress among teachers. The major objective of the study is to investigate the factors affecting stress among college teachers. This comparative study comprises of 400 faculty members of colleges by using convenient sampling technique to collect the responses of targeted respondents. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques of data collection have been used as standardized questionnaires and semi structured interviews have been conducted to investigate the issue. Results have been evaluated by using simple means, standard deviation and t-scores. As most of the respondents of private colleges opined that lack of teachers’ corporation could be major stressor however on the other according to respondents of public colleges feel that they feel most stress in planning the lessons for every day. This research is highly useful for management, administration and faculty members of colleges and indirectly students could be the beneficiaries of the recommendations and suggestions. 

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v3i4.6248


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