Determining the Influence of the Reliability of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Libyan E-Commerce Customers

Hamed. F. Hamed Omar, Kamarudin Bin Saadan, Prof. Kamaruzziman Bin Seman


Customer satisfaction is a collective outcome of perception, evaluation, and psychological reaction to the Service quality. Due to the increasing competition of E-commerce business and the high demand of the customers, service quality is the fundamental factor to measure customer’s satisfaction within such business.  The primarily purpose of this study is to determine the influence of reliability dimension of E-commerce on Libyan customers satisfaction. Required data was collected through customers’ survey. For conducting customers’ survey likert scale based questionnaire was developed after review of literature. However, customers were selected by random sampling method and a sample size of 384 has been taken. The reliability of construct was tested by using Cronbach’s alpha test, using SPSS18. Cronbach’s alpha coefficients were calculated 0.8 for the questionnaire survey, Because Alpha ≥ 0.7, the reliability of the questionnaire is acceptable. The findings show that there is a very strong relationship between quality of service (Reliability) and customer satisfaction. On the basis of the conclusion made, Reliability E-commerce business was representing the ability of the web site to fulfill orders correctly, deliver promptly, and keep personal information secure. Additionally, E-commerce customers in Libya argued that “reliability dimension” has a direct positive effect on perceived service quality and their satisfaction on E-commerce business within the country. Henceforth, E-commerce business promoters must provide secure online transactions to make customers feel comfortable.

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