The Impact of Personal Characteristics of Architects on Their Architectural Work

Ahmed Obralic, Fuad Catovic


The aim of this paper is to show an influence of human personalities on their professions and to try to find the best model of an architect. By reviewing the literature related to human competences and project management, the research model is created to find the connection between the influence of human (an architect) characteristics on a profession and the characteristics and personalities that are required for design and architecture in general. The study was conducted among the fourteen architects already involved in the designing process. The findings of study point out that in order to reach high productivity, the personal traits have a very big impact on every segment of job performing. The management of the companies should encourage their employees in maintaining their obligations and provide them with appropriate environment in order to fulfill all challenges. We hope this research will help other researchers, architects in A-eling Company, management and students at International Burch University to be aware of the fact that the personalities (characteristics) influence architects in their architectural work.


Keywords—Personal Characteristics, Architect, Architectural Work, Impact

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