SWOT and TOWS Matrix E-Government Analysis Review on Sultanate of Oman

Muatasim Anwar Ahmed Al Salmi, Norlena Bt Hasnan


Every government is seeking to provide the best services to its country to achieve efficiency and accepted performance. This goal could be achieved by improving the service performance of the entire sectors in society.  Billions of dollars was invested by governments in order to undertake their first step towards implementing the e-Government project and specially implementing the best methodology of all attached and correlated electronic-based services to it. Government of Sultanate of Oman has realized the importance of moving towards the information century. Therefore, this paper aims to conduct SWOT and TOWS matrix in order to analyze and investigate the implementation and adoption of e-Government in Oman using secondary data from statistical reports. The output findings show that the readiness and the ICT infrastructure require more effort and government-citizens relationship to be enhanced. Finally, the paper gives some suggestions and recommendations for better successful e-Government approach in the country.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v5i4.8641


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