The Impact of Management Styles on Parent Involvement in (First Grade) High Schools in District 3 of Tehran City

Kobra Delshad, Seyd Rasul Hosseini, Masoumeh Oladian


The aim of the present study has been to examine the impact of management styles on parent involvement in (first grade) high schools in district 3 of Tehran in educational year 2014-15. Research methodology has been applied and descriptive-correlational in terms of purpose and method of data collection respectively. In this study, statistical population included vice-principals, counselors and teachers of (first grade) high schools in district 3 of Tehran, out of which a sample size of 150 persons was determined by using Cochran’s formula and through stratified random sampling. In order to collect data, two researcher-made questionnaires of management style (40 items) and parent involvement (11 items) were used; Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was adopted to measure the reliability of questionnaires and the obtained coefficient was above 0.7 for both questionnaires. Besides, in order to measure the validity, content-related validity was adopted; for this purpose, the questionnaires were approved of by related experts. The analysis of the data obtained from administering the questionnaires was carried out through SPSS software in two sections of descriptive and inferential statistics (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Pearson’s correlation test, multiple regression). Research findings indicated that management styles (autocratic, benevolent (paternalistic), consultative, and participative) have significant impact on parent involvement in (first grade) high schools in district 3 of Tehran.

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