Students’ Attitudes towards Acoustics and its Impact on Academic Achievement

Ahmed Obralić MA


The aim of the study was to investigate the students’ perception of the acoustics in terms of academic achievement, high educational buildings from different periods of time, and gender.  The quantitative research was conducted among 208 students at higher educational institutions from different historical periods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The quantitative method was used in order to get desired data. The questionnaire was based on previous studies and examined literature. We found out significant correlation between students’ academic achievement and the acoustics. Besides, the results indicated significant difference between high educational buildings from different periods of time in terms of the acoustics. What’s more, the difference was significant in terms of gender.  We believe this study has provided some interesting and valuable information and implications that can be involved in the increasing of students’ performance at the universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will contribute to the improvement in education system of Bosnia in general.  

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