EFL Teachers' Attitudes towards the Effectiveness of Metacognitive Strategies Used by High School Students

Hanieh Garmabi, Gholamreza Zareian


In any educational program, the most influential factor affecting the students’ level of improvement  is the teacher (Rama, 2011). Indeed, the teacher is assigned such an importance that his/her attitude is important for improving educational process and more influential than a teacher‘s knowledge (Xu, 2012). Hence, this study intends to examine the teachers' attitude towards the effectiveness of metacognitive strategies used by high school students. To achieve the study goals, 100 teachers who taught English at different high schools of three Cities of Iran were asked to complete 34 item thesis questionnaire which investigated the teachers' attitude toward the effectiveness of metacognitive strategy use while reading a text. The results of statistical analysis indicated that while male and female teachers have the same attitude about reading and post-reading metacognitive strategies, they have significantly different attitudes about pre-reading metacognitive strategies. The results offer implications and suggestions for the pedagogical considerations within the school and even at university contexts. 

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v6i1.9124


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