Error Correction Strategies for the Classroom Oral Proficiency Used By Jordanian Teachers at Secondary Level

Abeer Al-Ghazo


The aim of the present study was to explore the Jordanian EFL teachers' error correction strategies for the classroom oral proficiency at secondary level. For the purpose of obtaining information needed to achieve the    objectives of the study, the researchers used the Teacher's Preference Elicitation Questionnaire.  This Questionnaire was adapted from Michael (2007) to elicit the types of oral corrective feedback that teachers prefer to use to correct their students' oral errors, grammatical and pronunciation errors.  The questionnaire was administered to40 teachers. The findings revealed that the teachers used all types of oral corrective feedback with a grand mean of (3.29) .Meta linguistic feedback , recast, elicitation, instructions and questioning (Peer-correction) were reported to be the most  used strategies of oral corrective feedback.

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