Staff Burnout in Care Institutions for Juvenile Delinquents in Jordan

Khaled Sulaiman Shhadeh Alsloot


The current study aimed to identify the levels of burnout among staff in care institutions for juvenile delinquents in Jordan, and how different these levels, based on the variables of academic qualifications, years of experience, and marital status. The sample consisted of (107) staff. Maslach Burnout Scale used in this study. The results showed high level of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, and moderate level of lack of sense of accomplishment among participants.Level of emotional exhaustion varied according to academic qualifications: holders of secondary or below and university qualification holders, the results were in favor of holders of secondary or below, while no statistically significant differences shown in apathy and lack of sense of accomplishment and the total degreeBurnout Scale. The results indicated no differences in the three main levels and the total degreeofBurnout Scale based on the various levels of years of experience and marital status.

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