The Importance of Work Environment Facilities

Mas’udah Asmui, Adibah Hussin, Halil Paino


A healthful work environment brings safety to employees’ physical and mental capabilities in performing their daily routine.  In order to reach the healthful work environment, providing the healthful facilities must be taking into account.  The examples of facilities are chair seating and lighting.  A proper chair seating and sufficient lighting play important role in ensuring employees’ welfare are protected as well their work performance goes up.  The ignorance of these important healthful work environments will lead to work stress.  Office ergonomics can be provided and used in any type of workplaces like permanent office, home office, virtual office, or even mobile office which the employees working at construction sites for temporary.  Employees, who are spending time in office, sitting on chair, interacting with computer and switching on lamp from 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. is suggested to be provided ergonomics facilities like adjustable chair seating and appropriate lighting level.


Keywords: Ergonomics, Chair Seating, Lighting, Work Stress

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