International Organizations Policies and New Era of Work: Education in What Skills?

Zoe Karanikola, George Panagiotopoulos


This paper comes to examine the intense reflection that arises around the issue of the right and the appropriate skills employees need to obtain in order to adapt to a continuously changing working environment. In a context of global co-operation and coalition, international organizations, such the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union (EU) Institutions, are called upon to play an important role in the development of prosperity, social cohesion and the economy of the countries, given that they have both the appropriate experience and the extensive diplomatic networks. In such a context, a great number of significant official texts have been drafted. Texts which provide policy guidance to member states in order to achieve growth and development. This study, through the bibliographic review of related texts, comes to investigate the proposed by the international organizations types of skills which are related to the protection and the maintenance of employability.

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