Rhetoric and Reality of Disabilities Management in Organisations: A Strategy to Manage Employee Turnover

Henry Ongori, Joseph Evans Agolla


In this era of competition, management is interested in attracting and retaining competent employees in their organisations. In addition, management and other stakeholders are worried on how to manage workforce with disability effectively in their organisation.  Employee disability is one element of workforce diversity which needs to be nurtured and managed effectively in organisation. Organisations which have effectively promoted diversity in organisation are in a position to attract and retain best talents in their organisation to cope with any changes in the business environment. A lot of research has been done on managing of workforce diversity in organisation but there is limited research on managing disability workforce in organisation. To fill this gap the paper purports to investigate the challenges, strategies and importance of managing employees with disability effectively in organisation. The methodology adopted in this study is to review critically the published articles.The study contributes to the body of knowledge by inspiring managers to n understand and appreciate the role played by workforce with disability in organizations.


Keyword:       Diversity, Disability, Management, Workforce.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v2i1.1473


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