Pilot Results of a Handbook: Prevention Skills of Sexual-Abuse for Primary Students

Son Van Huynh, Giang Thien Vu, Hanh My Mai, Huan Thanh Nguyen


Child sexual abuse is currently a social condemnation in Vietnam (Giang, T. V., Nguyen, L. B. H. & Nguyen, P. N. L., 2016). Many educational programs on how to prevent and practice prevention skills against child sexual abuse have been introduced and gained some significant achievements. This article reports the findings on the results of piloting a skill handbook developed for primary students on how to prevent child sexual abuse. The prevention skills were designed as stories and situations. To determine the practicality and effectiveness of the handbook, we collected the opinions of 160 primary students, 35 primary teachers and experts in psychology and education in Ho Chi Minh city. Pilot results showed that 75.1% of the participating students believed that the handbook was “very good” and “good” For educational, experts and primary teachers, 28.6% rated the handbook to be very good and 71.4% to be good. Based on the results, further research has been suggested so that the handbook can be published for use in primary schools in Vietnam in the coming time.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v9i2.14757


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