Integrating Technology with the Classroom Experience: Learning and Leadership in the Internet Change World of Today

Azham Md. Ali


Today, in a changed world brought forth by the internet, questions arise on the matters of learning and leadership in educational institutions. To answer these questions, the inductive approach is taken up entailing the surfing of the internet to look for the relevant materials. Through the analysis done over a section of these materials, the following is found: the emergence of a new mode of learning and teaching with Web 2.0 tools; the development of new policies in the education system of a number of countries; and, the multitude of challenges faced by those with interest in integrating technology with the classroom learning experience. The challenges of concern are internet access, teachers’ education, teachers/lecturers modeling for the students, new additional skills or literacies and alternative paths in integrating technology with the classroom experience. Several forms of assistance could however be developed to help teachers/lecturers to bring technology into the classrooms. Also, to ensure smooth integration of technology in the classroom, the collaborative or shared leadership style appears to be the most appropriate for those concerned.

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