The Impact of Parental Involvement on Children’s Education in Primary Level at District Vehari

Muhammad Naeem Naveed, Sobia Shaheen, Muhammad Bilal Javed


Educated parent chose the good school and good teacher for the children then their babies perform best. The educated family’s children’s are better performing then the uneducated families’ children’s. Because the educated parents fully support and provide a lot of time and good environment for children in academic work. Parents are the second teacher of the children’s they provide better to better facilities to his children related to his study work. parents are providing library facilities for example books, newspaper and research articles etc. uneducated parent is a big factor on the children education success. Without the parents and teachers help the students cannot perform in every place and students not provide better result other the help of their guiders. A case study of district Vehari. The objectives of study were to analysis the impact of parental involvement on their children’s education. To investigate the role of family background on children academic performance. The determine whether attendance paten can be increase with parent’s involvement. To recommended some suggestion for parent’s involvement on academic achievement of their children. From this population the researcher was taken a sample of (n = 75) urban and (n = 75) rural schools from two tehsil of district Vehari. The researcher was taken (n = 4) teachers from each primary school selected as sample. The researcher was used simple random sampling technique for data collection. The data was collected through well design and pretest questionnaire. After collected data, the data was analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. The data was quantitative. Thus is concluded after data analysis that the impact of parent’s involvement on children’s academic performance. In this study, a different test was applied to factor analysis, t-test for the comparison of the urban and rural, was to explore the impact of parent’s involvement on the children’s academic performance.  

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