Maslow Pyranid – Possible Interpretation

Corina Matei Gherman


Pyramid of human needs while life expectancy made by Abraham H Maslow  in 1954 developed five key needs and presented graphically as a pyramid, was taken by all specialists in the field, supplementing it or modifying its graphical form, adding other human needs, but generally it is the same, as presented to Maslow.
Careful study requirements (needs) a person in real life context, we see that the model proposed by Maslow does not correspond to reality, in many ways: the graphical representation of how, at the enclosure that does not allow human and spiritual aspirations integration with the cosmos, the accumulation needs during a life is cumulative, that being in the top at the end of life expectancy and not based on how they presented Maslow. Finally Maslow does not consider lifecycle to a person: conception, birth, development, death, integration-divine cosmos, reincarnation. For these reasons the study purpose is to create a new model that will eliminate all these shortcomings of representation proposed by Maslow pyramid.


Keywords:      Maslow pyramid, need, spirituality.

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