Implications of Zoom and Similar Apps on ‘Flip-class’ Outcome in the New Normal

Mohamed Buheji, Dunya Ahmed


The development of the New Normal in Post-COVID-19 has its implication on education. During just the first few months of the pandemic, many classes turned to be on Zoom, Google Class, etc. and many Universities activated their Blackboard or similar platforms. The classical education system has resisted this system change for many years, as they resisted more change in the mindset of how the classes should be delivered and managed.

This paper explores how the ‘flip-class’ and ‘disruptive learning’ can be part of the coming transformation towards preparing students more for the new normal required competency and enhance their life-purposefulness. The multidisciplinary, international researchers propose a hybrid model of Flip-class and Educational Social Network (ESN) could change the outcome of the courses intended learning to the better and prepare students for the unstable labour market.

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