Combating Online Hate Speech through Critical Digital Literacy: Reflections from an Emancipatory Action Research with Roma Youths

Theodora Agapoglou, Nikolaos Mouratoglou, Konstantinos Tsioumis, Konstantinos Bikos


Despite the new and unprecedented opportunities for communication and networking in online settings, several challenges have arisen. One such challenge is the deviating behavior of social media users which is usually manifested through hate speech comments, often targeting minorities. For instance, the Roma minority constitutes one of the most discriminated groups, both online and offline. In this context, a significant lack of empirical research evidence can be observed regarding the exposure of minorities to online hate speech and the violation of their human rights. In this regard, the present paper illustrates the reflections of an emancipatory action research implemented with a group of Roma youths in Greece and discusses the impact of critical digital literacy activities on participants’ awareness regarding online hate speech. Based on participants’ views, the most empowering experience from this action research refers to the acquaintance of deliberating knowledge and skills in terms of producing non-violent counter-narratives.

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