Online and Distance Learning (ODL) and Hybrid Learning in COVID-19 era: The Effects of Pandemic to Undergraduate Students

Faiz Malaysia Ghazali


Undergraduate students are facing challenges during COVID-19 pandemic where teaching and learning (T&L) are completely migrated to online and distance learning (ODL). Most of the countries worldwide are under lockdown. Regardless of the shock faced, education is one of the main sector where it is important and can be continued to operate completely online, and perhaps combined with face-to-face (F2F) into Hybrid Learning when the pandemic rate is going under control. However, many feedback received from the students especially from various sources including students themselves, parents, and educators on real situation in ODL. Thus, this study is taking an initiative to gather systematic and objective feedback on three main factors; Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness. The undergraduate students of the higher institutions of learning in southern state of Malaysia are the respondents in this study consists of 321 students from multiple faculties representing different fields of studies. As a result, the factors under investigation had effects on students’ motivation, interaction, communication, and online accessibility in continue enrolling to pursue their study using ODL and Hybrid Learning. Learning environment and preferences can be further explored to support the students in a more comprehensive manner in post-COVID-19 pandemic. 

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