Significance of Professionalism in Curriculum Development and Research Process

Muhammad Mushtaq


Professionalism is usually considered the expertise, skill and knowledge of that particular field first, and its application effectively and efficiently than. The curriculum professionals are the people who are associated with teaching and learning activity and they suggest the course of action by taking aims and objectives prescribed by the state. They need to have knowledge of various educational, ideological, sociological and psychological foundations to meet the change and challenges of the post modern era. Their professional characteristics and significance has been discussed, analysed and assessed by the views of social scientists of different countries in the coming paragraphs. Finally the expertise they need, factors that affect them, major consideration they had to take into account in developing curriculum for the futures is presented  as main theme of the article. In the end the effects of globalisation, internationalisation and information and communication technology which is changing in great speed and strength play a significant role in development of curriculum in this century.

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