BSC technique research employment National Cartographic Center of Iran to identify and classify the human sources performance indicators in fuzzy AHP environment

Ali Akbar Farhanghi, Reza Abachian Ghassemi, Esmaeil Liaghati, Elnaz Rahrovy


This investigation was exercised to identify the human source’s key indicators of National Cartographic Center as a provider of map and spatial data infrastructure, taking into account the balances scorecard approach and analyzing the fuzzy hierarchal process. The investigation is in a descriptive form and the way of collecting the information is in library-ground form. Balanced scorecard (BSC) establishes balance between financial previous indicators and provident indicators (the other three aspects) to assess the organizational performance. In this research first the compliance inquiries evidence and documentaries (National Cartographic Center) about human source' indicators has been collected then, indicators was set in hierarchal structure using the alternative purposes of BSC spectrum and scales was specified for every indicators coefficient. For nominating the efficiency importance, AHP questionnaire with fuzzy framework were used. The results showed that human force expense costing, job satisfaction, coverage the educational requirement, and the percentage of educated human source are the most important key performance indicators (KPI) that specified in human source distinct.

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