Student-Centered Learning in Oman: Challenges and Pitfalls

Ogadimma C. Emenyeonu


Student-centered learning (SCL) is aimed at developing pedagogy that probes into students learning in regard to what they experience and how they engage in the learning context or environment. This paper aims to review what is meant by student-centered learning in the context of Oman, and how this can be achieved. It goes further to explore challenges that tend to deter the implementation of SCL with a view to providing recommendations to improve and enhance SCL in Oman. Following data collected from the focus group discussions, the study reveals that language, culture, lack of student exposure, exported teaching materials, poor perception of SCL by students, among others, is they major obstacles facing SCL in Oman. Based on the findings, the author recommends that for SCL to take root in Oman there should be attitudinal change on the part of students with regard to a better understanding of what SCL is and why it is desirable, and students of opposite genders should be encouraged to work together to articulate their ideas in a disciplined social process of inquiry.

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