Gender and Modernization in Turkey

Tülin Tuna


This article aims to explain gender equality in Turkey. The gender concept which implies socially determined roles and responsibilities of men and women varies across different societies and in time. The gender is determined by multiple factors. Besides gender has an impact on every period of life in different ways. There can be inequality in using the opportunities, allocation and utilization of resources, accessing the services because of gender. Women have more disadvantages and lower social statuses compared with men are influenced much negative from so-called inequalities. Several reforms have been carried out since beginning of Turkish Republic in order to provide gender equality. These reforms aim to boost the woman’s economic, cultural and social development. However, today sex based inequality is one of the foremost current problems, although these reforms. When the status of woman in Turkey is examined, it is observed that education level of woman has low and involvement in business life is inadequate. Together with this fact, it is obvious that woman could not exceed gender role despite legal reforms in Turkey and take its place in political area. However, fertility conscious of women started to increase. Therefore, the rates of fertility decrease. To sum up, it was observed that today there are many stages in order to reach the level desired in regard to provide gender equality.


Key Words: Gender in Turkey, Gender equality, The Status of Women in Turkey.

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