The effects of HIV and Aids on the Academic Performance of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children from Child Headed Families

Chapeta Constantino, Emily Ganga


The descriptive survey investigated the effects of HIV and AIDS on the academic performance of children from child headed families (CHF). Questionnaires and interviews were used as instruments of data collection. Members of the CHF, teachers and administrators formed a total sample of seventy five (75) participants. Data collected gave the opinions of the participants in as far as the academic performance of these children is concerned. Findings from the study revealed that members of the CHF perform poorly in academic circles due to the effects of HV and AIDS. It was discovered that the loss of adult figures in the family due to HIV and AIDS plunges children into educational dilemmas as they become heavily loaded with adult responsibilities in case of child heads. Besides, lack of resources also exacerbated their poor performance. However, due to resilience some members of the CHF were found to defy all the odds and perform extremely well. The researcher therefore recommends that  National AIDS Council (NAC) and other stake holders should not concentrate only on the infected but should also channel funds to the affected children in order to improve their educational welfares. Also, further research is recommended on the topic in order to enable the nation to have a permanent solution to the problem.


Key Words: Child Headed Family, Academic Performance, Resources/materials, Potentials/Capabilities, Shortcomings, Resilience, Child.

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