Development and Validation of Extracurricular Instructional Package (EIP) in Social Studies

Okoro C.O.


The purpose of this study is to develop extracurricular activities for social studies instruction and to compare learning outcomes in the extracurricular activities and the conventional groups. To achieve these objectives two research questions and three hypotheses were formulated. Four instruments were developed. The validated extracurricular instructional package((EIP) was presented to the  experimental group while the control group was taught the same social studies topics using the conventional approach. the major findings were that (1) JS 1 Students taught with extracurricular instructional  packages relationship develop more cooperative attitude to work (2) exhibited cordial relationship with others (3) developed positive attitude to work.  Recommendations were made: Teachers work load should be restructured to accommodate their involvement in extracurricular programs (2) More flexible time-release from teaching or in structuring the allow time for activities during school day etc.


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