Testify to the Wilayah in Azan and an Eghame from the Perspective of the Five Religions

Sedigheh Mosadegh Sedghi, Zahra Moghari


Azan is a means to declare, and collect the Muslims to prayer and say it in a prayer congregation of greater emphasis. With regard to the matter in the sayings and traditions about Azan and Eghame is mentioned the question arises why between Islamic schools in conjunction with the outlines and even chapters of Azan and Eghame all this controversy is there?

One of these disputes to the problem of the Leadership and supervision (wilayah) Ali (a.s) in Azan and Eghame Shiite; Sunni opinion this chapter is not part of the original seasons of Azan and Eghame and entering it in the Azan and Eghame is considered a kind of heresy. But the Shiite belief to enter this season without the intention of obligatory. The existence of these differences led to research in this area by examining the sources of juridical and validity of religions to solve ambiguities.


Key words: Azan; Eghame; Chapters of Azan and Eghame; Shiite; Sunni; Testify to Leadership

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v3i3.3920


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