The Mathematical Field Trip

Cahit Shacham, Ilana Levenberg


The Enrichment Center for Gifted and Highly Talented Children is based at the Gordon Academic College of Education in Haifa and attracts fourth to sixth grade children from 30 different schools. The center offers a wide variety of workshops including a workshop on Mathematical thought.  One of the activities of the mathematical thought workshop is a trip in the college’s neighborhood. The trip offers a diversity of activities in the field of mathematics teaching, and exposure to the fields of geography, history and science, in a manner that is different from what is generally offered in a typical classroom lesson.

Gifted and talented children are known as curious and creative and therefore the trip’s activities provide a challenging and unusual learning environment away from the classroom. The trips have proven to be highly motivating for investigation and questioning among the students.Keywords: China insurance industry, Foreign fund, Challenge

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