Examination and Determination of the Incentive Policies Effective In Increasing the Voluntary Insurance (Life Insurance) Demands In Tehran

Kiumars Sharifi, Saba Sharifi, Elnaz Rahrovy, Shima Shahmohammadi


One of the major factors of the non-development of the life insurance in the country is people's lack of awareness of the advantages of such these insurances. Since the life insurance services are not objective and making people familiar with these services needs providing detailed information, the development of the effective incentive policies of the insurance companies increases the life insurance demands. So the research is to identify and determine the incentive policies to increase the life insurance demands.

Data were collected by questionnaires and the validity of the questionnaire was measured using Cronbach's Alpha test. The method of the present research is a descriptive-correlation one and the hypotheses were tested using the average test and correlation method and SPSS Software, duplicate 19. The results of the research are presented in two descriptive and inferential statistics sections. In the inferential statistics section, the measures effective in increasing life insurance demands were indentified using Spearman's correlation coefficient test and the average test. Also, Friedman analysis of variance test was used to rank the measures of the research and the results showed that the measures including informing the employees of the private companies indirectly, informing the employees of the public companies indirectly, holding sales meetings, giving incentive discounts, giving awards and gifts, producing life insurance-based films and TV serials, and introducing the products and the performance of the company through TV marketing had respectively the first to the seventh ranks in terms of increasing the life insurance demands.  


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v3i5.4362


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