Libyan teachers’ Attitudes and Believes Regarding the Use of EFL Authentic Materials within Reading Lessons at Universities Levels in Libya

Soliman E M


There are many references among literature supporting the idea of using authentic material in language teaching. Authentic material provides the learners with many significant advantages and promotes learners with high motivation and interest in language learning.  This paper attempted to recognize Libyan EFL teachers’ attitudes and beliefs regarding the use of authentic reading materials at university level in Libya. After employing attitude and believes questionnaire toward the use of authentic materials to EFL teachers from the University of Gareuness in Libya the results indicated that EFL Libyan teachers had a positive attitudes towards the use of authentic material. In addition, the study indicated that a perfect reading class should use a combination of both authentic texts and textbooks. Therefore, language programs should consider introducing authentic materials into the curriculum as a tool to improve the current learning environment.

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