How supportive Transfer Climate Affects Individual’s Motivation to Training Transfer

Melody Ling-Yu Wen, Danny Yung-Chuan Lin


Training transfer is an important concern for researchers and practitioners due to the huge budget on training but lower estimation of transfer in practical domains. Researches revealed training design, trainees’ characteristics and work environment characteristics are the most important sets of variables in a training context. This study intended to examine individuals’ cognition of motivation with perceived organizational transfer climate by structural equation modeling (SEM) from broad industries in Taiwan. 500 questionnaires were sent to participants and 316 usable returns in 63.2% return rate were computed. The results revealed the predictor role of the positive organizational transfer climate to both motivation to learn and motivation to transfer. Both motivation to learn and motivation to transfer predict training transfer and played mediator roles of transfer climate to training transfer. Moreover, motivation to transfer also mediated motivation to learn to training transfer. In addition to confirm the prediction role of positive organizational transfer climate, this study contributed to reinforce the relationship among motivation to learn, motivation to transfer, and training transfer.

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