Attitudes of Gifted and Talented Pupils towards Learning Experiences and Teaching Methods at an Enrichment Center

Cahit Shaham, Stan Sofer


This research examined the attitudes of gifted and talented pupils towards different methods of teaching and learning experiences at an enrichment center. The research sample included 275 gifted and talented children aged ten to twelve who studied at an after-school enrichment program, Hugordon, based at the Gordon Academic College of Education in Haifa and

the Maagan Michael Community Center in 2008. Within the workshops, teachers employed various teaching methods and strategies. A survey was conducted among the pupils that included both open- and closed-ended questions about their attitudes towards various teaching methods. Findings indicated that the pupils had a high to very high level of satisfaction from their learning experience in the workshops. Moreover it was found that pupils who specialized in science and technology were challenged by activities that promoted analytical and practical thinking methods, whereas pupils that specialized in humanities showed a higher level of satisfaction from the role of the teacher.

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