Analysis of School Teachers’ Practices for Quality Education in View of Their Head Teachers at Secondary Level

Hafiz Amanullah, Aslam Adeeb


The study examined secondary school teachers’ practices in view of their head teachers for quality enhancement at secondary level. Forty eight secondary schools from three districts Bahawalpur, Okara and Faisalabad of the Punjab province of Pakistan, were randomly selected for data collection but forty two head teachers participated in the study. The questionnaire was developed and after making it valid and reliable, the data was collected and analyzed by using simple mean score. Practices of school teachers were divided into two main categories: practices in classroom and practices out of classroom but in the institution. Findings showed that teachers’ practices in view of their head teachers for quality enhancement out of the classroom are better than practices in classroom. There is found minor difference between the categorical variables of male and female teachers’ practices for quality enhancement in view of their head teachers but the difference found considerable in the variables of urban and rural teachers. Rural teachers’ practices are better than urban teachers in this concern. The comparison of the three districts is also made and it is found that the teachers from Bahawalpur district are having significantly better practices than the teachers of other districts included in the study. The study therefore, recommended that teachers should be made aware not only of the modern concepts of quality education but also of the quality enhancing practices through activity based refresher courses, seminars and conferences. Training sessions should be conducted to update teachers’ knowledge and to make their vision bright about quality enhancing practices at secondary level. After discussion and analysis, further interesting results are presented. Based on the findings, appropriate recommendations are suggested for improving the quality of education at secondary level in Pakistan.  

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