Determinants of Customer Complain intentions: A Study from Pakistan

Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Behzad, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Waqas Khan, Moladad Khan


Purpose:   Objective of this study was to explore the impacts of prior experience and perceived controllability on attitude toward complains and loyalty, politeness, likelihood of success, and level of dissatisfaction on complain intention of Daewoo customer.Scheme/method/style: Specially designed questionnaire was used for collection of data through convenience sampling Figures were composed through questionnaire, using expediency sample of 200 users from Bahawalpur.

Findings - Prior Experience and perceived controllability has a significant positive relationship with attitude toward complain. Attitude toward complain, politeness, loyalty, likelihood of success and Level of dissatisfaction keeps also significant positive relationship with tendency toward complain.

Research boundaries/Consequences – Other sectors of service and manufacturing businesses except Daewoo can be considered in future to study the complain intention of customers. Moreover researchers can also work on other transportation businesses to find out the          more determinants of complain intention of the customers.

Practical presumptions– According to this study, model of complaining intention can successfully be applied to the users of Daewoo.

Originality/value– numerous issues can be solved and steps can be taken for the betterment of service by understanding the complain intentions of consumers. This research finally facilitates the Daewoo management to satisfy their customers.

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