Professional Development of Teachers in Colleges of Pakistan: A Comparative Case Study of Public and Private Colleges of Pakistan

Hassan Danial Aslam



The aim of the researchers in this effort is to identify the challenges and barrier faced by teachers in colleges of Pakistan regarding their professional development. The study also discovers realistic implication and adaptation which can be used in order to have highly professionally developed teachers in colleges.

Objective of the study:

The current research is conducted to find the different professional development characteristic and different factors which are beneficial in professional development of college teachers as well as the factors which are the root cause of creating deficiencies in professional development programs of teachers, especially for college teachers.


In conducting the current research study the researchers had used the qualitative method and quantitative method. In quantitative method Likert scale or in other words summated rating scale is used; as it is easiest to construct and by the definition of this scale each statement on the scale have equal importance or weight.  Sample taken to conduct this research study is 120 teachers from both the sectors as 60 public and 60 private respectively. Besides the questionnaire, interview technique is also been used to carry out the mention research.


The major findings of research has reveled that professional development programs at institutional level are not carried in its required intensity moreover these programs if executed properly then could increase teachers’ satisfaction, student learning and learning output. However such programs are aimless as these programs are run without any definite purpose. Moreover it is found that there are inadequate course contents and trainers are mostly untrained. Also seminars are not conducted due to insufficient allocated funds and if seminars are conducted these results to be unproductive. Employee in educational institutions are not provided some sort of scholarship programs

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