The Needs of Families with Mentally Disabled Teenagers for Sexual Education Process

Ayse Bengisoy, Gurcan Secim


This research concerns itself with the needs and requirements of parents with teenagers between the ages of 13-18, who have been diagnosed as mentally disabled and are being educated in a special Ministry of Education facility in Northern Cyprus, in regards to their experiences with the sexual education procedure. There are currently 20 students in the facility, with their ages ranging between 13 and 18. In order to gather suitable data, a qualitative approach involving interviews has been pursued, and a semi-structured interview method was put in use. In the analysis of the data gathered, a descriptive analytic method as on par with the qualitative techniques that are used has been the primary method for analysis. The research concluded with the analysis of interview findings and expose the needs and requirements of families for sexual education process with mentally disabled children in terms of behavioral and social dimensions.

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